Germain Impact Solutions provides consulting services to non-profit, philanthropic, and governmental organizations across the health, housing, and human services sectors.

With a strong focus on social justice and racial equity, Germain Impact Solutions can help your organization amplify its impact to achieve maximum results. Services include:

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Performance Measurement and Management: Define, measure, and achieve your greatest impact.

What does success look like and how do we measure it? How can we demonstrate the impact we are having in our communities and programs? How do we build systems of continuous improvement and a culture of learning?

Measuring performance in nonprofit, public, and philanthropic organizations is extremely hard, and building organizational management systems that help your team achieve quantifiable success can be even harder. Whether you are just starting on your measurement journey or you want to get more value out of the data you are collecting, Germain Impact Solutions can help you:

Strategic Planning: Build your organization’s future

How do we navigate upcoming critical decisions? How do we take our organization to the next level? What does our future look like, and how do we become the organization we want to be? How do we evolve our organization to better meet the needs of our changing world?

Running a non-profit, philanthropic, or governmental organization is complicated: the needs in our communities are multifaceted, our financial and regulatory systems are constraining, and the expectations of funders and Boards are growing while our resources are not.

Whether your organization is at a critical juncture point or just needs to clarify your priorities and needs, going through a strategic planning process can help you navigate the challenges and build consensus and buy-in among your stakeholders. Germain Impact Solution can work with you to make sense of the complexity, chart a path forward, and position your organization for success in the long term.

Program Development and Grant Writing

How do we design a program to meet the needs of our community? How do we cultivate the financial resources necessary to provide and grow our services? Who is going to write this grant proposal for us?

Whether you are submitting an application to a foundation, responding to a government RFP, or looking to build a revenue stream to support your services, Germain Impact Solutions can help design human service programs, build operational and financial plans, and secure financial resources for your organization.

Program Evaluation and Assessment

How effective is our program? How do we develop evidence that our services are worth investing in? What are the drivers of need in a community and what are the best ways of addressing them? How does our work compare to what is happening across the country?

There is greater demand in the non-profit, philanthropic, and government sectors for objective evidence to inform decision-making and investment. Funders are asking for proof that organizations are having the impact they say they are, and more funding is flowing to evidence-based practices. The needs in our communities are changing, and it is important to have clear and actionable assessments to help target investments and inform decision-making.

Whether your are looking for a full-scale program evaluation, a community needs assessment, or a targeted review to inform a critical decision, Germain Impact Solutions can work with you to develop the evidence and information you need.

Health and Human Services Content Expertise

With 15 years of experience in the health and human services sector, Patrick Germain has worked at the intersections of homelessness, healthcare, housing, behavioral health, public health, and child welfare. If you are looking for a health and human service strategist or content expert, Germain Impact Solutions can bring real-world experience from the non-profit, public, and philanthropic sectors to your project. Whether you are looking to fill a gap in content knowledge, get fresh and informed eyes on your work, or find a thought partner to think through a challenge, Germain Impact Solutions can help you bring needed health and human service expertise to your work.

Who we are

Patrick Germain has 15 years of experience in the non-profit and public sectors working on issues of health and human services. Most recently, he served as the Executive Director of Policy, Planning, and Strategic Data Use at the New York City Health Department, overseeing a broad portfolio of work that included strategic planning, policy, cross-sector collaboration, and performance measurement.

Prior, he was Chief Strategy Officer at Project Renewal, a large non-profit organization providing shelter, housing, healthcare, and workforce development to homeless individuals with mental health and substance use needs. In that role, he was responsible for strategic planning, program development, innovation incubation, government grant writing, performance measurement and evaluation, quality assurance and improvement, compliance, and IT. He was an Adjunct Professor at New York University’s Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, and founded the NYC affiliate of the American Evaluation Association.

Before that, he worked in a community based organization providing child welfare, community health, and youth services. He began his career as a Bilingual Family Counselor at a homeless family shelter, and it was those years of working side by side with those families that fomented his passion for social, racial, and economic justice.

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